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Einav drying technologies was founded in 1989.  


Einav Technologies manufactures and imports dehumidifiers of different operation methods, ensuring you complete control over humidity and temperature in any size space. Whether you require a complete, custom-designed system or a standard appliance, the dehumidifiers of Einav Technologies guarantee the definitive answer to your air treatment challenge.

Humidity and temperature are actively tracked by a sophisticated control system developed by Einav Technologies. The system adjusts its performance to environmental conditions ensuring the required humidity is maintained, at any temperature and in any size space, while at the same time affording considerable energy savings.

Our dehumidifiers are designed for a variety of industries seeking to maintain high quality of products and raw materials, including: pharmaceutical industries, electronics, defense and seed industries, museums, archives, clean rooms and laboratories.

Unique Projects - Tailor Made

Unique needs related to dealing with air and liquid heat replacement, in the production lines and storage houses, usually do not get a solution on the market shelf products. Einav technologies are ready to give you everything necessary to meet such air treatment in all areas.

Einav Technologies engineers are on the engineering design, edit and make necessary adjustments to plans. After receiving final approval from the client, facilities and projects are manufactured in our factory, extensive quality tests are conducted at the end of production.


Einav Technologies provides maintenance services and repairs as part of annual service contracts, in order to maintain the integrity of systems and products according to your business needs


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Our Team

Yossi Cohen

Founder & C.E.O.


Netanel Gideoni

Electrical engineer


Li-at Cohen

Business development & marketing


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